2021 Class A Notes

These are unsecured, unsubordinated obligations of Ministry Partners Investment Company, LLC®. They offer the highest rates available on a Ministry Partners® investment. They also give maximum flexibility to Ministry Partners® in the use of proceeds. In general, we use the proceeds to make loans to evangelical churches and ministries. We may also use proceeds to pay off maturing notes or other borrowings, or for general corporate purposes.

2021 Class A Notes are currently available in two series:

Variable Series – This note pays variable interest, which resets monthly based on an index. It matures in 5 years. You may redeem all or part of your investment without a penalty after three months. A minimum $10,000 investment required.

Fixed Series – This note pays a fixed interest rate established at the time of purchase. It is available in maturities between one and five years. You may request an early redemption, which we may grant in our sole discretion. A three month interest penalty may apply to premature redemptions. A minimum $1,000 investment is required.

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Important Disclosures

The Notes are the sole obligation of the Company and are not deposits of any credit union. They are not insured by the NCUSIF or any other agency.

This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy the Notes. Such an offer or solicitation can be made only by the prospectus. Such an offer or solicitation will be only made in states where the Notes are registered or otherwise eligible for sale. Any such offer or solicitation is not valid in any jurisdiction where these securities are ineligible for sale.

The purchase of a Note has not been endorsed or recommended by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commissioner of Corporations of the State of California, or by any other federal or state regulatory authority.

The Notes are available for purchase only through Participating Brokers who are members of the Selling Group. Ministry Partners Securities, LLC (“MPS”) is a Participating Broker. MPS is a FINRA and SIPC member firm registered with the US Securities Exchange Commission as a securities broker-dealer. MPS will receive concessions from the Company for selling the Notes. These concessions do not impact the purchase price or investment value of the Notes. MPS will receive concessions which will vary between 2.0% and 5.0% depending upon the maturity of the Notes sold. Because MPS is wholly owned by the Company, MPS has a conflict of interest in connection with the relative suitability of investing in longer term versus shorter term maturities where it earns higher concessions for the sale of longer term Notes.

Potential investors need to consider certain risks when considering an investment in a Note. These risks include:

  • The risks of investing in fixed income securities in a rising interest rate environment;
  • The Notes are unsecured and general obligations of the Company;
  • The possible loss of principal;
  • That the Notes are generally illiquid because there is no secondary market for resale of the Notes;
  • Except as prescribed in the terms of the Notes, that the Company is under no obligation to prepay an investment in our debt securities before the stated maturity date;
  • That an investor in the Notes should be prepared to hold their investment to maturity;
  • That the Company’s ability to pay principal and interest on the Notes depends on the performance of its loans to churches and ministries; and
  • That churches and ministries depend on voluntary contributions for their ability to repay their obligations, and those contributions may fluctuate substantially in times of local or national economic stress.

Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

This website is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase securities. Our 2021 Class A Notes are offered to eligible persons only by the Prospectus filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.